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Kimberly C Taylor

518 Lindsay Road
Raeford NORTH CAROLINA 28376 United States

Site Acquisitions

June 17, 2015
Kimberly Taylor based in Fayetteville, NC has been serving as a Senior Acquisitions Manager at Com Serve located in Atlanta, Georgia from the last 6 years. While working with the company, she handles many responsibilities, successfully. She reviews tower development plans for regulatory as well as structural accuracy, helps with stealth/concealed tower development and evaluates cell tower sites for revenue optimization. She uses her field experience with landowners to strengthen the position of the company.

Additionally, she has directed lease assets for cell tower lease owners, assisted in co-locations for current towers, developed a national database for potential tower owners, and is responsible for reviewing municipal and zoning land use plans. She has developed a comprehensive industry SQL database, and possesses outstanding communication, problem solving, decision making, as well as presentation skills.

Kimberly Taylor from Fayetteville, NC likes to explore new places whenever she finds some free time from her busy schedule. She has visited many historic landmarks, entertainment venues, beautiful cities and has seen natural wonders, as well.